Suad Badri: Seniors Art Link Community Consultant

We are honoured to recognize Community Consultant, Suad Badri, as a key member of the Seniors Art Link project team, co-sponsored by Centre [3] and funded by New Horizons for Seniors Canada.

The Sudanese refugee, who holds a PhD in Geography and a master’s in electrical engineering, landed in Hamilton Ontario on her own in 2014, leaving behind three teenage sons and two grown daughters. A professor and community outreach worker at the Ahfad University for Women, Badri had been targeted by Islamic fundamentalists in the Sudanese government for having spent a year on a fellowship in the U.S.

Suad has completed training to teach English as a Second Language and has a project on the go to create culturally relevant ESL learning materials for Sudanese newcomers. She has a deep love for arts and culture and was a valuable member of Centre [3] Direct Message Research Project. As the Hamilton Community Consultant for the Seniors Art Link Project, Suad’s goal is to connect with Hamilton seniors at risk of social isolation. Meet Suad at our Online Open House on December 28th 10am to 12noon.

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