Technology Training

Digital Opportunities

During the pandemic, many older adults started seeking more opportunities for interactive digital training, creative digital enrichment, meaningful online engagement and digital arts playtime. Like many others, our facilitators, associates and volunteers will continue to work from home and learning new digital skills while exploring new ways to adapt existing technologies for creative self expression and online community connections. Our next Online Facilitator Training Workshops will start in the spring of 2023.

We utilize and share our creative resources (developed by older adults for older adults) as powerful interventions to reduce social isolation and strengthen healthy community connections. We help empower older adults to build creative communities within existing communities. Using cross-sector strategies, we help facilitate enduring community partnerships in urban and rural areas.

Changing Needs And Interests

Our members and supporters have received surveys to determine seniors changing needs and interests. Our focus and priorities will continue to evolve as we respond to the information we’ve gathered 2020 through 2023.

We’ll continue community-based arts programming in partnership with London Public Library through 2023 while we shift focus to creative digital arts and our new online platform developed in partnership with Hamilton’s Centre [3] for Artistic and Social Practice.