Training Workshops

Inspiring Excellence and Nurturing Potential

In addition to our consulting and creative programming services, we also offer train the trainer workshops for programmers, artist-educators and seniors service providers.

CreativeAge Network members believe that skilled and passionate instructors are the heart of impactful senior arts and creativity programs. Through our comprehensive training workshops, we equip instructors and facilitators with the tools, knowledge, and techniques they need to create enriching and engaging arts experiences for senior participants, both in-person and online.

Technical Training

We offer online coaching and mentoring to help instructors and facilitators get comfortable with digital technology of all kinds. From basics to more advanced topics like “Creating Instructional Videos With 2 Cameras” we help both beginner and intermediate learners make the most of technology when working with older adults.

CreativeAge Instructor Training

For instructors and educators, we offer 3-session bootcamps giving useful tools and training to take their courses, workshops or presentations to the next level.

Session 1 – Working With Older Adults: Program Planning and Design Considerations

Session 2 – Tools and Tips to Engage Mature Learners

Session 3 – Tools for Online Community-Building

Workshop Highlights

  • Understanding Senior Audiences: Learn about cognitive, emotional, and physical considerations when teaching arts to seniors, and explore effective engagement strategies.
  • Adapting Curriculum: Discover how to modify arts curriculum to suit the abilities and interests of senior participants, ensuring a meaningful and enjoyable experience.
  • Inclusive Teaching Techniques: Gain insights into creating an inclusive and supportive environment that encourages seniors of all skill levels to express themselves creatively.
  • Building Connections: Explore methods for fostering connections and building a sense of community among senior participants through arts activities.
  • Effective Communication: Learn to communicate and collaborate effectively with senior participants, addressing their unique needs and preferences.