Seniors Art Link – Karen Klucowicz Virtual Studio Tour

Studio visit & evening soirée with Karen Klucowicz.


It’s a virtual arty party! Join us for a free online studio tour and artist talk with Karen. Located in a creative hub (The Cotton Factory, Hamilton, Ontario) she’ll walk you through the work of the artists in the DyeWorks Building, and take you through a conversation on her creative history and journey to her artist life. Sharing her artwork and creative process — from concepts to demonstrating some of her painting techniques — you’ll be inspired to consider abstract art at a new level.

Karen is a contemporary figurative-abstract artist. Working in two series simultaneously, she explores the strength of individuals and how that strength affects relationships. Figures and a neutrality to those figures, are essential to sharing her concept-driven artwork. “I believe there is no better way to demonstrate inner strength than to strip away ideas of an individual or culture and reveal the essence of being. The shade of skin, shape of body, sensuality and environment must be accessible — skin tones that neutralize bias and stereotyping, sometimes intimate body details or poses —the act of painting dictates the level of abstraction and my technique.”

Her art and art experiences focus on individuality and creative nurturing that surprise and delight her participants. Her vision is that all can “Live the Power of Art”.©