Creativity Workshops

Unleash Your Imagination

For over a decade, we have helped municipalities, institutions, and community groups develop and fund a wide variety of creative programs, events and activities for older adults.

We believe that creativity knows how to flourish at every stage of life. Our creative arts workshops offer seniors a vibrant platform to explore, create, and connect while embracing the transformative power of the arts.

How We Help Organizations

The CreativeAge Network has a winning track-record helping organizations secure funding for a wide variety of age-friendly programming. Our experience and research base enables us to write winning proposals, securing funding for creative projects of all kinds that have enriched the lives of older adults across South-Western Ontario.

Our Instructors and Workshops

We engage vetted and trained instructors who are passionate about delivering fresh, innovative programming for older adults. Whether in-person or online, they put care and consideration into all programming and that’s why we keep getting invited back!

Why Choose Our Creativity Programming?

  • Enriching Experiences: Our workshops are designed to ignite inspiration and foster personal growth through a diverse range of creative arts activities.
  • Tailored for Seniors: We understand the unique needs and preferences of seniors. Our workshops are thoughtfully curated to provide engaging and enjoyable experiences that cater to varying levels of ability.
  • Positive Well-being: Engaging in creative arts has been shown to enhance mental, emotional, and even physical well-being. Our workshops provide a positive and uplifting environment for seniors to express themselves.
  • Community and Connection: Participating in group arts activities promotes a sense of belonging and connection among seniors, reducing feelings of isolation and fostering new friendships.

Workshop Offerings

  • Painting and Drawing: Unleash your inner artist through painting and drawing sessions that allow you to bring your imagination to life on canvas.
  • Music and Rhythm: From drum circles to sing-alongs, explore the joy of music and rhythm as a means of self-expression and connection.
  • Crafting and DIY: Engage in hands-on crafting projects that turn everyday materials into beautiful creations and keepsakes.
  • Storytelling and Writing: Share your life experiences and memories through storytelling, poetry, and creative writing, building connections through shared narratives.
  • Dance and Movement: Embrace the freedom of movement through gentle dance and movement activities that encourage physical wellness and expression.

This Spring 2024, we are pleased to be providing unique onsite and in-person programming to BGC Seniors Centre, London Ontario, the London Public Library Branches, London Middlesex Community Housing Seniors Residences and Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association.

Our Creative Age Online Studio engages people over the age of 55 who, regardless of their formal arts experience, are keen to actively participate in the creative online learning process (both their own and that of others) in a socially driven digital space.