February Update

As I sit here, I look up and notice the blue sky and bright sun and I feel that fleeting hint of spring. Words can’t express the excitement and joy at the promise of spring days soon to come.

This year, I’m aware of all the protests around the world. There is a fundamental shift happening and the process of democracy is always messy and not without risks. The feeling of gratitude is more pronounced. As we age, relatives, neighbours and friends pass away. Adult children move away and it’s often said aging is primarily defined by feelings of loss. There is a possibility that family and friends connections will soon resume in person as we all heal from the experience of C-19. Hopefully our losses won’t lead to prolonged months of more isolation. A collective goal can also include supporting those who have lost their income and work possibilities during this shift.

Like others, I worked with colleagues and associates to scramble online to sustain connections. Now I’m getting calls for “in person” events and speaking engagements. I feel ready to start organizing group sessions and events. My first on site engagement has been booked for May 5th 2022.

Coming up:

  • Project wrap up of Direct Message Research Project – a collaborative community-arts project created by and for older adults in Ontario, Canada. Our team of artists, community members, researchers, and designers have been working to make the arts more accessible and interactive through digital technology.
  • Decade of Healthy Aging – the UN World Health Organization has designated 2021 to 2030 as the Global Decade of Healthy Aging. As a result, our programming will now support this initiative with a focus on the link between arts and health including the implementation of an ongoing awareness campaign about the wellness benefits of creative self expression.
  • Creative Wellness online programs through London Public Library start Monday March 21 2022.
  • Digital Arts Club starts March 28th 2022
  • Volunteer and facilitator training sessions with museum and art gallery staff around London/Middlesex starting June 2022.
  • Community arts/health events and creative aging programs re-starting June 1st 2022.

Kathy Smith 02/05/2022