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Create @Home

Setting Up A Workspace

Like other community arts program organizers, COVID provided an opportunity to learn a new way to work, create and connect. We temporarily shut down our Creative Age Art Studio in the seniors centre and now we’re all working from home.

Because of the pandemic, our community programs were paused or cancelled. Working with seniors, we realize it will take some time to get the community vaccine program completed. Even then, many are reluctant to attend on site group sessions with confidence.

Our solution was to launch facilitator and volunteer training sessions and set up studio or work spaces at home. So now we’re a network of creative seniors, digitally connected through our networks. Our most popular creative programs will now be available online called Create @Home.

Space permitting, I recommend some type of L shape workspace with bookcase and additional rolling cart for supplies. I converted a home business office to a creative digital and art studio. A laptop or iPad are the most practical computers as they can be removed from the possibility of spilled paint, water or other beverages. I can sit at my table and look out the window. I also have an easy chair for browsing through magazines and books for inspiration. Many convert the kitchen or dining table to a work surface and that’s doable with extra organizing efforts for set up and clean up. Adequate lighting is important. I use a 3 light pole lamp to enhance workspace lighting. A good quality radio or sound system is always good or (in my case) a vintage turntable with amp and speakers.

For video recording, I use IPhone and iPad with additional filtered lighting.

Below, I’ve listed supplies I ordered from local arts/crafts stores to get set up at home.