Creative Arts and Wellness Project

Arts and Aging

Research now shows that it’s true! Creative arts programs and activities contribute to individual and community well-being through tested and applied creative strategies. Research on music, theater, dance, creative writing, and other participatory arts shows promise for improving older adults’ quality of life and well-being, from better cognitive function, memory, and self-esteem to reduced stress and increased social interaction.

Never stop playing!

Project Description

This Creative Arts and Wellness Project has allowed Museum London and community partners to support the social participation and inclusion of seniors by providing support to restart outreach efforts organized by seniors for seniors.

Online Programming

Monday January 9th

Art Card Workshop and Creativity Kit 

Gift-giving is an important part of life and a handcrafted greeting card is a special gift. Every handmade card is a work of art. You can make your own art cards with modern or vintage colour palettes. 

The Art Card Creativity Kit comes with 4 cards & 4 envelopes, glue sticks, stickers, washi tapes, paint brushes, markers, pencils and lots of practice card stock. You’ll explore traditional and contemporary styles with themes of renewal, gratitude and acceptance.
90 minutes: registration opens in December.

Monday January 16th 

Boro Stitching, Spirit Cloth Workshop and Creativity Kit

This workshop has been designed for mindfulness and slow stitching. Mindful and simple stitches bring function and beauty to a garment or textile block. Slow stitching is a wonderful form of meditation and provides hours of enjoyment. The practice is suitable for beginner and intermediate stitchers. You will immerse yourself in a wonderful world of creativity, with your Spirit Cloth and work of textile art. 

The Spirit Cloth Creativity Kit includes all fabrics, foundation pieces, cotton, needle, threads, and patterns.

90 minutes: registration opens in December

Monday January 23rd 

Contemporary Collage Workshop and Creativity Kit

Experienced and emerging collage artists are embracing, unearthing, and reconstructing everyday life with abandon, integrating discards along with a range of art materials and novel techniques to create compelling, new collage works. The collage compositions can be intricate or minimalist.  No previous experience is required.

The Contemporary Collage Creativity Kit includes packs of collage papers, suggested cutting and tearing techniques, glue sticks and markers.

90 minutes: registration opens in December.

Monday January 30th

Painting with Paper 

Inspired by an ancient Japanese craft called Chigirie, strips and pieces of hand-painted paper are assembled together to make landscapes, seascapes and gardencapes.

The Painting With Paper Creativity Kit includes hand painted water colour sheets, print and pattern papers, glue sticks, water colour pencils and paint pens.

90 minutes: registration opens in December

Monday Feb 6

A Colourful Adventure: Vintage and Contemporary Folk Art Fusion

Folk art reflects the cultural life of a community. The art form encompasses the expressive culture associated with the fields of family stories, folklore and cultural heritage. Tangible folk art can include objects which historically are crafted and used within a traditional community. Intangible folk art can include such forms as music, dance and narrative structures. Learn more about folk and bold primitive art through powerpoint presentations and demonstrations of different styles and materials. 

90 minutes: registration opens in December.

Monday Feb 13th

PaperCraft Floral Cut Outs

Paper-cutting is one of the oldest and the most popular folk arts in China. The art of paper-cutting may date back to the 2nd century CE.  Later, this art form spread to other parts of the world, with different regions adopting their own cultural styles. Paper cut-paper decorations are often glued to the exterior of windows, so the light from the inside shines through the negative space of the cutout. Cut-paper artwork can symbolize luck and happiness.

90 minutes: registration opens in December

Monday February 27th

Neurographic Art Meets Zentangle

This art practice is an intuitive mash up between neuropathic art and entangles. It’s a great way to relax and let images evolve with different sizes, shapes, shades and colour.  Bring paper, markers and coloured pencil crayons to the session. This presentation is meant for all skill levels and anyone who has an interest in creative process and intuitive mark-making. 

90 minutes: registration opens in December