New! Creative Age Journaling Club

This ongoing online program was developed to facilitate creative exploration, digital skills development and social interactions with 25 – 30 members (older adults 50+) in each group. Each Creative Age Journaling Club operates as a private group on the Facebook platform. Recommended 25 to 30 people to promote familiarity, discussions, connections etc.

This strengthens all aspects of online community development in small group settings, one group at a time. The process identifies leadership skills for future volunteer-run online projects.

The groups operate through Facebook as private groups. The Journaling Club is an example of hybrid programming supporting the mission to explore the links between healthier aging, creative self-expression and overall wellness to reduce social isolation.

Hybrid Programming

This refers to a mix up or mash up of activities to develop social connections through smaller group development strategies. The programming would include online discussion forum, online activities and onsite or “real life” activities when public health protocols allow. For example, one journal club would involve a private Facebook Group discussion forum, attending online activities together as a group and social group meetings at coffee shops, restaurants, public libraries etc.

Start Up

A Creative Age Journaling Club facilitator starts the group with coaching and background information provided by the Creative Age Studio, Membership approvals and other start-up resources are provided by start up facilitator and volunteers Marketing and promotion strategies include Instagram, Twitter and Facebook ads.

The facilitator engages group members through discussion and a variety of other engagement strategies unique to each group. Some group members were encouraged to post photos of Journal pages. Journaling Kits are sometimes mailed out through Canada Post for Create At Home pilot projects. After the participants receive the kits, they fill out a survey to evaluate the experience of receiving the kit and interacting with the content.

Support – general information demonstrations and tutorials can be offered through website, Facebook Live, YouTube, ZOOM or Public Library Online Programming

Participants are encouraged to explore and co-create new online activities with group members. Empowered with the new skills and experience, group members are encouraged to learn and create together with or without the start up facilitator.

For more information and start up documentation

Contact: Kathy Smith