July Update

July Update by Kathy Smith

Volunteer Coordinator

Like everyone else in Ontario, I’m happy there are fewer restrictions about outdoor gatherings, activities and other small group events. Here’s hoping we can all avoid any 2021-22 fall and winter lock-downs. It’s been a long road. Please do your best to stay inspired, stay positive and be strong.

Community arts

Provided there are no more lockdowns, libraries, churches, retirement homes and seniors’ centres will develop individual timelines to ease into indoor programs. Some indoor meeting rooms (previously used for programming) are in need of ventilation upgrades now regarded as a priority for safe indoor gatherings with indoor group sessions postponed until the spring of 2022.

Going digital

I’m proud to say we’ve made excellent use of our time during these lock-down months. Key facilitators and volunteers spent time learning and practicing new digital skills and adapting to online platforms and operations.

digital transformation strategies

online community development

ZOOM meetings and training sessions

virtual events and conferences

online and hybrid programs development



The partnership outreach project Healthier Aging Through the Arts sponsored by Museum London and funded by New Horizons for Seniors will launch on October 1st 2021.

Creative Age Creativity Kits (prototypes) are now available for testing in independent living retirement homes.

Online engagement

  • Virtual Creative Age Studio and Learning Centre – Facebook ads start on social media platforms
  • on August 1st.
  • Creativity Boosters are book reviews and activity recommendations posted on a weekly basis.
  • Creative Age Online Journaling Club co-sponsored with London Public Library – ads start on social media September 1st.
  • Creative Age Studio Online Gift Shop – marketing starts September 1st.
  • Monthly Zooms or FaceBook live sessions – ready to roll

Peer Empowerment

We continue to offer one on one coaching and mentoring to help network members and colleagues with digital literacy skills. A community leadership symposium is planned for October. Date TBA.


Direct Message Research Project – I’m so proud to be part of the Direct-Message Research Project. Team members are now conducting phone and online interviews with older adults. Our online pilot projects and test projects will be organized for the fall months.

The UN WHO has designated 2021 to 2030 as the Decade of Healthy Aging. To support the global movement, our volunteers and facilitators are making special efforts to develop programs to enhance overall health and wellness of adults 50+. You can learn more about the social determinants of health HERE.