Creative Aging Outreach Programs


While there is no one model of community-engaged art, its practices can be broadly defined as collaborative creative processes that involve professional artists, social institutions, grassroots groups or individuals – Ontario Arts Council

Community-based, creative aging outreach programs are designed to teach skills and encourage meaningful social engagement. They can be provided on a private fee for service basis or sponsored by


-neighbourhood associations

-arts and cultural institutions


-long term care homes

-independent living retirement homes

-seniors’ centres

-seniors apartment communities.

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Creative Age Outreach Programs

Creative Aging is a movement which recognizes the beneficial role of the arts in improving the quality of life for older adults and its contribution to their psychological, physical and emotional health. 

For the past 10 years, the members of the Creative Age Network have worked with community organizations to identify opportunities and secure funding to raise awareness about creative aging and provide creative arts and aging programs to socially isolated seniors in care homes, seniors centres, day programs, rural communities and low income seniors social housing.

We developed an initiative for 12 London-based arts educators to undertake a program to gain experience with seniors and expand skills and knowledge, as well as meet other Creative Aging Facilitators working in the community. The program was sponsored by the London Arts Council with funding support from The Westminster College Foundation and Ontario Seniors Community Grant.

Many thanks to New Horizons for Seniors Canada, Museum London, The City of London Age Friendly Network, London Public Library, and Municipality of Thames Centre for funding and/or partnership support.


Creative Age Mobile Art Studio

Coordinated by Kathy Smith, we organize outreach programs, activities and events to older adults at risk of social isolation due to economic or mobility barriers. Programs include skills development and meaningful social/community engagement.

Speaking and Consulting Services Available

Getting started: at no cost to your municipality, non-profit organization, residence or group, we will explore the possibility of securing partnerships, funding and sponsorships for training, creative aging and other community programs, including new ideas for events and activities in your neighbourhoods or communities.

Creative Aging speaking engagements and workshop facilitation services are available. A portion of all fees for services are donated to sustain our local community-based arts education programs for socially isolated and disadvantaged seniors, children and youth.

Kathy Smith- Province of Ontario
Achievement Award
presented by Her Honour Elizabeth Dowdeswell, Lieutenant Governor of Ontario

Kathy Smith

Phone: 519 697-2177

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