Creative Aging Programs

Kathy Smith was recognized by the London Council for Adult Education and appointed to the Mayor’s Honour Roll for the Arts in her community. She completed the NCCA Artist Instructor Training Program and awarded the Ontario Achievement Award for her work in developing community arts and creative aging programs, activities and events.

Creative aging arts programs are designed for cultural institutions, art organizations, non profit groups, libraries, long term care, retirement homes, seniors’ centres, seniors apartment communities and private home instruction.

Consulting Services Available

Getting started: at no cost to your non profit organization, residence or group, we will explore the possibility of securing partnerships, funding and sponsorships for creative aging and other arts/health or community arts programs, events and activities in your neighbourhood or community.

Information about our regional artist-instructor training program and tested Southwest Ontario
Creative Age Community Toolkit
is available on request.

Contact: Kathy Smith London Ontario

Speaking engagements and workshop facilitation services available

Phone: 519 697-2177

Kathy Smith- 2016 Ontario Achievement Award

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