About London Creative Age Network


 Engaging with our communities,

and exploring new possibilities

in the second half of life

  • planning for retirement?
  • already retired?
  • ready for a later-life transition?
  • we are artists, instructors, event facilitators, volunteers, hobbyists and other “creative agers” who continue to engage, learn, explore and enthusiastically share our experiences with others
  • our members have been organizing creative aging programs, activities and events since 2010
  • we support, celebrate and recognize the wide range of creative capacities, achievements and resources among our older adults and the organizations that serve them
  • we promote community-based creative aging initiatives as strategies for healthy aging in healthy communities in London, Southwestern Ontario and beyond
  • we offer local instructor training programs and support for resource development
  • we provide cross-sectoral perspectives with experience in business, education, government and 25+ years helping voluntary sector leaders serve an aging population

contact: getkathysmith@gmail.com

519 697-2177