Create @Home

Here is a list of YouTube demonstration and learning resources available for creating at home. They were initially designed and developed to stay connected with network members during the pandemic. Now available for individuals or small groups with supporting infographics, slides and/or YouTube demonstrations. Kathy Smith, Creative Age Studio London Ontario Canada –

Step by step “how to” workshops and demonstrations
Facilitated or self-directed

Create @ Home – Creative Journaling for Health and Wellness with Kathy Smith, Creative Age Studio (Introduction Trailer YouTube and demonstrations with audio)

Slideshows on YouTube without audio

Session #1 – Introduction and overview of journaling including benefits of journaling and types of journals.

Session #2 – “how to” tips and techniques

Session #3 – creative writing and reflective writing

15 Minute Creativity Boosters – a series of short, bite-sized workshops to encourage creativity at home and with others.

Mosaic mirror or picture frames

Vintage buttons mirror or picture frames

In my library (coming soon)

Since 1990, I’ve been working with older adults to facilitate the joy of creative discovery through workshops, programs, activities and events – through Fanshawe College Continuing Education, London Public Libraries, arts councils. cultural institutions, retirement homes, seniors centres and seniors social housing. The following is a list of books that might be helpful or of interest. Kathy Smith

Links, bookmarks, resources

Google Arts and Culture
A free, online platform to tour museums and access art across the world from electronic
archives. It presents numerous pictures of art and culture, which can be used to initiate
discussion or increase art appreciation with discussion. This service can be accessed right from the Google Arts and Culture page.

Visit museums around the world. View famous works all in one place. This is a free, online platform
using high-resolution image technology. It presents numerous pictures or art and culture, which can be
used to initiate discussion or increase visual stimulation. This resource is also found on google on their Google Art and Culture Collections page.

Getty Museum recreates famous pieces of artwork from home. Older adults and care givers can either take part in creating their own replications or use the images presented on the website for stimulation and entertainment. These
pictures can be used to entertain clients even if team members are not available to attempt “at home”
recreation. This service can be accessed on The Iris, Behind the scene at the Getty website.