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The CreativeAge UpCycle Club uses 2nd-hand items and found materials to make cool stuff and explore different ways to be creative. We meet the 2nd Monday of each month to hunt for materials and inspiration in London’s second-hand stores and then share tips and encouragement online. Sometimes we even invite guests to give workshops on techniques and styles. We welcome people from all backgrounds and all skill levels. All you need is a creative spirit!
Interested? Contact info@creativeage.ca

Visit us on International Senior’s Day (Oct. 1) at Flair’22: The Creative Aging Expo, in Covent Garden Market from 9am – 4pm.

What is “Upcycling” anyways?

You are probably familiar with how to recycle plastics, paper, or textiles, but you may not be familiar with upcycling.

To “upcycle” means to reuse something in a way that increases the original object’s value. In other words, upcycling is taking something old and re-purposing it into something new.

These old throwaway objects have been “upcycled” into funky flower holders.

The Opposite of Downcycling

Downcycling is the kind of recycling we usually think of — recycling paper or plastic, for example. These materials get broken down and reused to create a product that is considered less valuable than the original. Most recycled items, like paper, is considered to be lower-grade.

Upcycling is the same process of reusing old materials, but it creates something more valuable. Examples of upcycling include using materials from plastic bottles to make new shoes, using reclaimed wood to make new furniture, or combining second hand clothing items into a funky fresh design.

The Benefits of Upcycling:

  • engaging in hands-on creative activities improves motor and cognitive skills
  • creates cool unique items you cant get in stores, for yourself or for gifts
  • save money or (even better) make some money by selling items
  • great hobby for people who love hunting through flea markets and 2nd-hand shops

Upcycling has gained in popularity in the past few years. The Instagram tag #upcycle has over five million posts, including images of upcycled art, clothes, DIY furniture, and more.

The CreativeAge UpCycle Clubs

Creative Age Upcycle Clubs meet in person during the good weather and meet online (ZOOM) during the winter months. Members share information about new projects, materials and supplies, tips and advice. The size of clubs varies, anywhere from 4 members to 40.

Want to form a CreativeAge UpCycle Club? Here is what you need ..

  • An organizer
  • A location to host your club regularly
  • Materials for your projects
  • Email list and social media to connect with members ages 55+
  • $25 per year for use of logo, and membership benefits

Contact info@creativeage.ca for more information

More info here – Flair’22: The Creative Aging Expo

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