Seniors Art Link Online Studio – Sandra Manzi

In the Centre [3] Seniors Art Link Online Studio

Nov. 28th from 10am to 12noon

adults 55+

Featuring Sandra Manzi

Free artist talk and demonstration

The creation of paintings are opportunities to look for and explore things that are missed in daily life. My process involves layering and combining images – this creates unexpected narratives and connections which is meant to simulate the way we store memories. 

“I look for small moments or events that I see, as major reflections and major events. My paintings start from candid photographs and my observations of the movement of everyday life. Most of my imagery is derived from where my path takes me, whether that be from my simple everyday events or my travels. They are brought together as layers upon layers – a fusion of sensory impressions. Each painting is an attempt to fuse the perception of a lived experience with the complexity of a memory associated with that moment.”

“I often combine things from nature and urban living, as well as interior and exterior – they intertwine and exist side by side within the same space. By layering and re-contextualizing figures and objects, I look to explore the connections between these disparate sources. Several transparent layers hide elements which are not discovered until after a few glances.

I take many photographs which are essentially my ‘sketchbook’, but a photograph can be a limited snapshot. I want to expand on the snapshot though my painting by depicting several temporal moments. By layering figures taken from snapshots of separate moments in time, I also wish to reflect on a more metaphorical level the fact that we live in a very fluid world – creating a dream-like journey into the unknown.” Link to an interview with Sandra Manzi –

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