Creative Programming for Older Adults

Never Stop Playing!

For over 10 years, CreativeAge Network has developed quality arts programs, activities and events that have improved the lives of countless seniors in the London region with mural projects, painting classes, theatre productions, to online symposiums and computer training.

We have also participated in several research projects to increase older adults access to artistic and creative opportunities, to help maintain wellbeing and combat social isolation.

In 2020, we launched Create @ Home virtual programming targeted to adults 55+

  • We design, develop and deliver high quality creative programs,activities and events for older adults in London Ontario and surrounding region.
  • We assist creative older adults improve their social and financial well-being through our training, mentoring and coaching programs.
  • We help older artists, crafters and makers promote their creative work and services.
  • We encourage the creative digital arts by promoting the inclusion of digital creative arts education programs for older adults
  • We develop training programs for CreativeAge instructors and older adult program specialists.
  • We assist organizations secure resources to launch creative aging programs, activities and events.