Marketing and Research

Marketing and Social Media

Training, coaching and support services are available to seniors serving organizations to help them secure grants and other funding support to develop fully integrated social media platforms including the production of community cable television programming. Because of COVID 19, we’re now providing coaching for online program design and delivery. Key volunteers and staff participate in training and practice sessions.

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Current Research

Ethnographic research is a qualitative method whereby researchers observe and/or interact with a study’s participants in their real-life environment. Ethnography was popularised by anthropology, but is used across a wide range of social sciences.

Current Project – 2021-22 is funded by Canada Council for the Arts Digital Strategies Fund, Direct Message is a community arts project created by and for older adults in Ontario Canada. This team of artists, community members, researchers and designers are working to make the arts more accessible and interactive through digital technology.

The goal is to co-design, develop and evaluate physical devices and digital applications that would make it easy for older adults to access and participate in artistic programs. The team hopes to make this technology accessible and engaging to people from various communities, especially those living with disabilities. We believe that providing virtual access to interactive artistic content and creative practices can help counter social isolation and contribute to healthy aging.

Direct[Message] focuses on intergenerational collaboration, reciprocal learning and knowledge exchange. Our team includes community consultants, artists, researchers, and system designers from Centre [3] for Artistic & Social Practice, VibraFusionLab, Cinematronics, McMaster University, and Reā€¢Vision: The Centre for Art and Social Justice.

Past Community Research Projects

Centre at the Forks Project – facilitated extensive community consultations, qualitative and quantitative research activities for strategic planning resulting in a 3 year business/action plan to establish a centre for creative arts education at Museum London.

Indigenous Legacies Project – using decolonizing strategies, meetings of consultation and community outreach were organized with special efforts to connect with individuals and sub-groups not normally involved in community leadership. The research sought input and ongoing engagement from participants regarding Indigenous culture, heritage, artifacts, traditional knowledge and unique characteristics of local Indigenous peoples

Museum London Centre at the Forks

Over55 Skills at Work – directed a 5 person community based research team to engage board/staff/members to change the existing organization and business model and conduct strategic planning research to improve service to existing customers and identify new markets and opportunities resulting in a 3 year business and action plan for this local social enterprise that promotes and employs the services of older adults.

Older Worker Job Clubs – following extensive community research activities, developed a training program and Facilitator Handbook for a peer to peer empowerment program to identify economic opportunities for older adults including local job search and self employment.

Grant writing

50 After 50 – after a series of focus groups, designed and developed workshops to assist older adults earn extra income after retiring from full time employment.