August Update

We’ve been feeling a bit of heat here in Southwestern Ontario.

Nonetheless, it’s been great to get out to the new community activities and events held across the region. We visited new arts and craft shows. The outdoor festivals have brought good vibes and live music back into our civic spaces. It’s so uplifting to, once again, celebrate community and creativity.

We gathered lots of new ideas for our Upcycle Club so watch for new craft and quilting workshops.

Kathy and Penny booked a booth for Back to tGarden Festival on August 20th and 21st.

Upcoming: National Seniors Day, October 1st.

Did you know? Over the next 20 years, Canada’s seniors population — those age 65 and older — is expected to grow by 68% (Canada Institute for Health Education). October 1st is National Seniors Day only 8 weeks away. We’d like to know if you’ve got something special planned.

Creative Arts and Wellness Project

Program planning and design continues through August and Facilitator Training starts at Museum London on August 31st.

Our creative arts outreach activities start up again in September with visits to seniors’ community centres and residential sites. We’re grateful to our co-sponsor Museum London and funding from New Horizons for Seniors Canada for the ongoing support.

Direct Message Research Project

This week we wrap up our part of the arts informed focus groups co sponsored by Centre [3] Hamilton, McMaster University and the University of Guelph. This 3 year project has been funded by Canada Council for the Arts. The project will help identify and improve online arts education programs and activities for older adults. Arts-informed research is a mode and form of qualitative research that is influenced by, but not based in, the arts. The methodology infuses the languages, processes, and forms of literary, visual, and performing arts into scholarly inquiry for purposes of advancing knowledge.

Grant Writing and New Applications

The 2022-23 Ontario Seniors Community Grant announcements for new project funding should start rolling out during the next few weeks. By mid August, we should know if our proposals have been approved. We have almost completed our current pilot projects. In September we’ll continue to identify new sponsors and apply for seniors arts education and other program development grants.

When the cold weather returns, we’ll be back working from home with creativity kit production and video production for the winter creative arts online tutorial series. Volunteers enjoy assembling the creativity kits. Each one is unique and the residents appreciate the handwrittenl notes and obvious care and attention to detail.

Podcasts will return this winter

Creative digital arts

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