Virtually Speaking

A Message from the Network Co Ordinator:

November 1st 2020 marks the beginning of this new online work adventure. It’s an extension of pre-COVID work activities relating to Creative Aging and Lifelong Learning programs for older adults. I’m still not entirely sure if this is something I whole-heartedly embrace as it requires a a lot of learning and a significant move out of my own comfort zone.

Up to this point, our Creative Age Network members and associates have provided programs and organized events at various sites in the community. This included seniors centres, seniors housing, libraries, galleries and museums. Personal and professional relationships were strengthened by real life meetings and social gatherings. COVID changed all of that

My role transition is from community catalyst to capacity builder with voluntary and community sector groups by providing assistance for funding and training strategies for online community development. How do we get older adults connected and engaged?

Outreach: Southwestern Ontario

The Digital Evolution Workshop

Exercise #1 – I recently attended an online workshop and many of the workshop participants felt overwhelmed with the recent and rapid changes. Slow down and de-stress! We identified scope and reach for a slower change over a longer period of time drawing circles to represent outreach targets and anticipated timeframes.

  1. Home apartment building and neighbourhood network (2020)
  2. City – existing Age Friendly and Creative Age Networks (2020).
  3. SWO Regional Outreach (2020-21)
  4. Provincial Outreach (2022 – 23)
  5. 2024 – you’ll all be invited to my retirement party!


Because of COVID – we anticipate we’ll be in various stages of lock down until late spring 2021 or until we have a vaccine. My world grew smaller in some ways with a renewed focus on home life including family members and immediate neighbourhood. By using technology, in my own way, I can imagine new and exciting possibilities.

Exercise #2 – make a list of new skills needed

  • Devices – iMac Apple, iPad and iPhone, Canon EOS Rebel T7 DSLR
  • apps and software for social media communications
  • digital media/video communication and presentation skills

Exercise #3 – make a list of existing key contacts and enter them into GMail. Who will support this transition and evolution?