Vlog & livestream training continues July 24th

Our video blogging and live streaming training at Campus Creative for community volunteers started July 10th and registration is now closed. We’re full!

Through the months of July and August, we’ll be working with designated trainers from Campus Creative (London Ontario) to learn advanced social media skills to record programs, activities and events and broadcast to the community through various social media platforms. ¬†Thanks to Museum London for sponsoring the project and funding from New Horizons for Seniors Canada.

Why live video or live streaming?

Your face-to-face events will always have geographical and physical restrictions. However, this does not mean your event reach has to be restricted as well.

Live video streaming (aka. live streaming) enables you to share or broadcast your events over the Internet. Unlike webinars and webcasts, viewers can join a live stream without registering as long as they have the URL to the event channel. Due to its ease of access, live streams can be embedded directly on your website, whereas webinars cannot ~Joyce Hsu – TechSoup.

Getting Started: Monday July 10th

Facebook Live – stream to private page

Phone apps and tablet apps

July 17th – stabilizers (phone & tablet) microphone, lighting

Stream to Youtube followers/friends

July 21 – practice in Victoria Park

July 24th – Managing Your YouTube Channel


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