Unpredictable inks

I enjoy playing with alcohol inks on glossy paper. As they are layered and manipulated, the colours do their own thing and sometimes the results are quite pleasing. I use the patterned paper in mixed media compositions.

This can get messy so make sure your clothing and surfaces are protected. For this experimental effect, I used concentrated dye with rubbing alcohol to make the ink. I applied random designs on a piece of glossy paper and quickly pressed another piece of glossy paper (face down) to move the inks around in random patterns and lifted while the inks were still wet. Seal the image by spraying Krylon UV Archival Varnish over the surface (about 12″ away) and let the spray settle onto the painting to avoid disturbing the painting.

Locally, the inks are available at Bijan’s Art Supplies. Instructional videos are available online to guide you with experimentation in your studio or home.

Ink images on glossy paper can be further altered using clear isopropyl alcohol or Citra Solv – available online through Amazon.

Alcohol inks on glossy paper