Toronto Co Housing for Creative Aging

“shared common areas, meals, duties”

 The Toronto Co Housing for Creative Aging group has had two information sessions, late October and mid-November 2016, attended by about 30 people each. Only the first meetingwas promoted; the second was made up of people on the wait list. It’s clear to the organizers that there’s a strong demand and their efforts to spread awareness have paid off.

Five people from the first session have said they want to meet regularly to discern whether this housing community is right for them.  In the new year the groups expects to meet  every two weeks with those who have expressed a serious interest.

Ultimately, it’s possible there will be more housing units than originally planned. As one organizer commented “……maybe the co-op will end up having eight or ten units; or maybe there’ll be two houses of six units each.”

To find out more, use this contact form from the project blog

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