An information resource for conducting small group, community arts programs in your neighbourhood or geographical area with a goal to engage older adults as instructors, facilitators, volunteers and participants.

The Creative Age Toolkit

This London Ontario and Area Edition celebrates older adults’ creative potential and seeks to benefit their overall health through peer support and community engagement. The goal is to recognize and empower. In their Creative Age, older adults can achieve and sustain a sense of mastery and engagement in ways that value their creative interests, abilities, past experiences, and knowledge.

Participating in quality community arts programs enhance older adults’ quality of life and has research-affirmed health benefits. As reported in a 10 year study by Dr. Gene Cohen, the participants in community arts programs consistently reported higher overall health ratings, fewer doctor visits, less medication use, and less instance of falls.

Components of the toolkit include

Get Started in Your Community

Establish a Project Action Team

Identify Creativity Superspreaders

Rural Outreach

Organize and Deliver Facilitator Training

  • orientation
  • effective practices
  • program design
  • new program ideas
  • marketing and communications
  • evaluation sheet
  • train the trainers

Build a Network – Local Organization Contacts and Resources

Local Library Branches

Western Theatre

Fanshawe College

London Middlesex Mental Health

Arts Council


Service Clubs

Third Age Outreach

Alzheimer’s Society

Age Friendly London

Regional and Local Museums



The Arts Project

St. Thomas Elgin Arts Gallery

Station Arts Ingersoll

Creative Digital Arts Centre

The Nostalgic Theatre

Ingersoll Theatre of Performing Arts

London Musical Theatre

Middlesex County Library

Oxford Library

Theatre Woodstock

Grants and Funding

Ontario Seniors Community

New Horizons

Ontario Arts Council


Local Community Foundations

Service Clubs

Small Business and Corporate Champions

Local London Area Facilitators & Service Providers

Sheila Horrell

June Cole

Dan Ebbs

Sandy Ross

Kathy Smith

Sandra Adkin

Pam Frostad

Penny Wearne (Dorchester Creative Age Art Studio)

Kristan Smith (Media and Communications)

Amy Turner – Amos and Jack

Artsy Fartsy Paper Products

PDF download “how to” document