Un-plugging for peace and sanity

I’ve been making great strides to unplug from this crazy, chaotic world.  After a recent health scare, I simply realized it was time to turn off all of the reactionary fear, angst, anger and outrage that has been pumping through my nervous system for decades. It’s not that I no longer care about the world or my community – it’s just that I realize the hyper-awareness and constant vigilance is not good for my general health or mental well-being.


By the summer, my goal is to establish my home studio and apartment as a tech free respite retreat. I will continue to de-clutter. There will be no cable tv or internet and I’m well on my way through a transition.  For a time, I was thinking about going cold turkey but I opted to make a phased withdrawal plan instead.  Cable/tv is already gone. Internet connectivity will end at the end of the month. I will keep a phone so family and friends can call and text. 


Truthfully, I can accomplish my work more quickly if I’m not distracted. I want to stay informed but in a different way.  I can finish my computer and internet work by noon and still produce good quality work in half the time. I have a cubby office space with wifi only 1 block from my home.


Outside my front door, there is a beautiful walking path along the river so I can walk/bike around the entire downtown core area. It’s only a ten minute walk to the market to meet up with friends.  Next year, I’ll probably ditch the car as well.

When I’m at home, it’s all about the creative arts, music, reading, good food and good quality sleep. As a matter of fact, I’ve regressed a bit. My son is about to set up a vintage sound system with a Dual turn table for my vinyl – so, in that way, it’s back to the future for me in my comfy, bohemian cocoon.

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