Survey says….

Our current community programs, activities and events have been put on hold indefinitely because of COVID-19. Nonetheless, we remain flexible, resilient and hopeful for a vaccine. In the interim, we interviewed volunteers and associates to find out how we can help meet their needs. We distributed a survey by email and through our social media networks. Here’s what we learned:

Currently working and recently unemployed older workers

“Right now my employment is precarious. I doubt if my employers can survive for another 6 months. They are looking to sell the business if they can.”

“My job no longer exists.” Many participants cannot return to their jobs and they are concerned about jobsearch through video meetings and interviews – training and practice to gain confidence using Skype, Go to Meeting and ZOOM.

Some are facing the reality of an early retirement and feeling very concerned about finances and basic survival once savings run out. “For retirement savings, I was counting on another 8 years at my job and it looks like that won’t happen.”

Currently retired with adequate income

Participants who are currently retired with adequate retirement income appreciate articles about aging/spirituality and creativity. “Thanks for posting the article about mindful journaling.”

Retired participants are looking for new and cool ideas for small groups of 5 or 7 people. “We certainly won’t be traveling in the near future, so we’ll be looking for new and local adventures.”

“I appreciate getting ideas for intergenerational activities with the grandchildren.”

Participants and volunteers appreciate efforts to establish and maintain a sense of community. “I really enjoyed seeing everyone on ZOOM. It was great to hear the voices once again.”

This summer, our volunteers and facilitators will be involved in training and meetings to plan and launch 2020 fall activities