Stock Up: Home Studio Supplies

When I got the idea that we might be grounded due to a pandemic, the first thing I did was rush to check supplies. My head was spinning – what can I order to set up this creative corner in my home? How will I pick up or arrange delivery of supplies and materials?

Essentially, I took the opportunity to do a deep dive into existing supplies, books and other materials. Here’s my inventory:

Easels – metal tabletop and large wooden floor easel

Flat surface adjustable table and coverings

Lighting – with diffuser umbrellas

Acrylic Paints – selection

Brushes, palette knives, mark-making tools

Watercolour pencils

Paint and gel pens

Watercolour wax crayons

Glue – stick, white glue and modge-podge

Acrylic mediums and gesso

Drywall compound and sandpaper

Oil pastels




Scissors – selection

Painters tape – masking tape

Journals – Strathmore and Moleskin

Decorative papers – selection


Organizing – baskets, trays, bookcases


Digital tools – desk top, printer, laptop, tablet, stylo, iphone, DSLR, polaroid,