Blogging – Write On!

At this moment in time, it seems creative writing is coming of age as people shelter in place. Consider joining the blogging world – start an online blog.

Keep it as a private daily journal or share your ideas, reflections and creative interests with others in your network. Blogging can offer a personal perspective on any given topic or it can connect the writer more personally and directly with readers. Your blog can be private for your eyes only. During times of transition, research shows there are benefits to writing and recording daily comments and observations on a daily basis.

If your passion is food, healthy living, sewing, art, creative writing, knitting, photography music or dance, you can learn new blogging skills and share with others. It’s possible to set up anew blog in 20 minutes but it takes awhile to gradually add content that you want to include for yourself (private) or selected others.

Remember when……? There’s a big community of storytellers and legacy bloggers who will provide support and encouragement through social media and email newsletters. These are people who write memoirs and stories about family members, ancestors and communities. Many include scanned images of old photos and memorabilia.

Facebook users are operating within the FB platform and using “Pages” for longer blog articles or personal reflections. If your goal is to write business, professional or career articles, Linkedin is offering a blog-friendly environment. Instagram is a popular photo blog – featuring more photos and less words. Still, the two most popular platforms are Blogger and WordPress.

WordPress is a very popular platform that will serve as a website and blog. This Creative Age website/blog is made with WordPress and hosting is provided by GoDaddy. You can find helpful instructional videos on YouTube.

  • Choose a topic or activity your passionate about
  • Choose a platform with a simple/clean template
  • Simplify and leave lots of white space
  • Test and share your ideas/articles with friends to build confidence
  • Blog regularly – daily or weekly
  • Invite feedback discussion
  • Engage with other bloggers and they will participate

Ideas for blogging

Marlene Cornelus – Urban Cottage Life: Modern Scratch Living

Jeanette Lewis – Post Work Savvy blog

Rick Young – London Ontario writer and publisher

Margarita Ibbott – Downshifting Pro

Family Stories Blog

Need some feedback or help with your blogging ideas?