Set Up a Creative Home Studio

Time to get creative! Maybe you’re planning your retirement. Perhaps you’ve been grounded by COVID-19. Maybe your self-isolation is leading you to set up a special space just for you. Before thinking of all the practical issues, take some time to dream, reflect and assess. Create a vision board. You don’t need a ginormous space in order to work from home. You need a special spot that feels right. Have fun gathering new ideas.

If you are in transition, complete an Interests and Needs Assessment to help you identify and clarify current skills, interests and opportunities. Email for information –

Your space can serve as an office or studio or both. We’re living between two worlds blending homemade/handmade with digital technology. If you’re serious about creating a unique space of your own, you can do it. You need a work table, some shelving, good lighting and supplies/equipment for your work. Use the spare bedroom. Section off part of a large room. Take over the sunroom. Convert a walk-in closet. Renovate the basement or attic. You get the idea. Even the smallest home or apartment can include a space for creativity as part of a self-care practice because creative time enhances overall health and well-being.

Look through magazines or check out Pinterest