Local Seniors Consulted at Museum London

CsVUnV0WgAA-8ojIn November 2016, the Museum London – Centre at the Forks Research and Planning Team invited seniors to envision a creative space for programs, events and activities.  The older adults (ages 55 to 95) attended a community consultation and were toured around the proposed new Centre at the Forks 4,800 square foot space which will undergo a 2.8 million dollar renovation to accommodate more creative arts education programs.

The diverse group of older adults in attendance provided invaluable suggestions for accessibility, transportation, creative aging programs, events of interest and sound/light design.

Members of the Creative Age London Network participated as part of their efforts to

  • respond to aging-related needs in planning community-based arts and cultural programs and other activities
  • actively engage with older adults and encourage their contributions to all aspects of arts and culture in their communities
  • promote creative aging initiatives as strategies for healthy aging and healthy communitiesT

The renovation will take place throughout 2017 and new programs for seniors with a focus on intergenerational programs and creative arts education.


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