Seeking research participants

Seeking Community Research Participants (Consultants) for Community-Arts Project 

We are seeking older adults in the London Ontario area to help us lead a community-based research project called Direct [Message]. The goal of this project is to develop a new digital platform that can improve older adults’ access to and engagement with the arts in Hamilton, Guelph and London Ontario. We are a 3-year project, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts, and based out of Centre[3] for Artistic and Social Practice in Hamilton. 

If you identify as an older adult between 60 – 75 years of age and are interested in helping communities in Hamilton, Guelph and London learn more about what older adults need to engage with the arts at the local level, we need you! All community participants (consultants) will receive an honorarium for their time and will be reimbursed for any costs (e.g. travel, caregiving replacement, communication supports). 

No experience necessary! Consultants will be invited to share their thoughts, experience, opinions and beliefs and will have opportunities to experiment with arts-based activities and learn about community- based research. 

Community-based research means that we’re working closely with community members to do research and develop resources. We’re interested in understanding what older adults want and need in order to connect with and participate in artful practices. We want to develop a digital tool for engaging with the arts that is truly responsive to the community’s needs. 

Consultants will work remotely (either online or over the phone) with Centre[3] and a team of artists, engineers and researchers on this project, including: VibraFusionLab in London, Cinematronics in Hamilton, McMaster University, and a storytelling hub at the University of Guelph called Re•Vision: The Centre for Art & Social Justice. Many members of the Direct [Message] team are older adults/aging people/seniors and some of us identify as disabled. 

Community Consultants will work in a group and support the Direct [Message] project by: 

· Engaging in community arts activities 

· Recruiting participants from the community 

· Collaborating on project design and setting priorities 

· Collaborating on the design and purpose of the digital platform 

· Collaborating on research and reflecting on the information we gather, including sharing results with the community 

No community-based research experience is required! We are looking to work with people between 60- 75 years of age who are interested in and/or engaged with the arts. Individuals from different communities – including: Black, Indigenous, People of Colour / Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer+ / Newcomer immigrants and refugees / People living with disabilities – are encouraged to get in touch. Training and professional development will be provided. Accessibility requirements, travel, access to computers, internet, and other accommodations in support of your participation will also be provided. We will be meeting online or over the phone every 2 weeks, with an expected time commitment of 10 hours per month. 

If you have any questions or would like to further chat, please write to Thanks for your consideration and we look forward to hearing from you! 

Centre[3] for Artistic + Social Practice 173 James Street North Hamilton, ON L8R 2K9 905.524.5084 | 

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