The Digital Pivot

Working from home we’re now using information from past adult education workshops to share experiences with other Creative Age Networks.

Fortunately, some of our associates and volunteers had an opportunity to participate in small group tech training sponsored by Museum London and funded by New Horizons for Seniors. The goal was to learn and practice social media skills to help us connect with seniors services providers and other older adults in the community.

Media Training Program for Volunteers

Computer training & social media training

Until we have the approvals for 2020 community programs and gatherings from public health officials, we’ll all be using technology to facilitate training and engagement to build a bridge from then to now. Let’s talk about getting started! Join one of our video chat circles in July 2020.

Bringing Technology into the Studio

My “Create at Home” Activities & Projects

Creative Journals (video &pdf)

Journals can help ease the stresses of life by getting the jumble of ideas inside our heads down on paper. To me, there is something comforting and therapeutic about making journals or books. I like the feel and I enjoy seeing them on a bookshelf. They provide a safe space to explore. They encourage us to make time for the “right side” of the brain where creativity reigns supreme and problems are more easily solved. I’ve posted an article How to start a Creative Journal.

Expressive Painting (pdf)

Warming up – here are some “how to’s” to get you started or recharge your creative energies.

Paper Collage (pdf)

Mixed Media (pdf)

Start a Creative Blog (pdf-5)

Creative Cuisine

With a new focus on staying safe at home, creative writing is making a resurgence and many baby boomers are starting creative or lifestyle blogs. I’ve explored two easy blogs (Blogger and WordPress) and I’ve provided some helpful comments here.