Digital Transformations

Recent efforts to develop a virtual Creative Age Studio are grounded in the reality of my home studio. Instead of taking programs directly into our local neighbourhoods and communities, I’m now working from home and sharing my process and experiences with the Creative Age Network members and beyond. Fortunately, some of our associates had an opportunity to participate in small group tech training sponsored by Museum London and New Horizons for Seniors to gain social media skills to help us develop an online presence.

Media Training Program for Volunteers

Computer training & social media training

We still prefer real-time and interpersonal group sessions. In the future, our community arts groups might be very small with only 5 or 6 participants. Until we have the approvals from public health officials, we’ll all be using technology to build a bridge from now to then. Are you thinking of changing the way you use space at home? Have you started a contact list, blog and newsletter? Let’s talk about getting started! Join one of our video chat circles.

Bringing Technology into the Studio

Activities & Projects

Creative Journals (Kathy Smith – pdf and video)

Journals can help ease the stresses of life by getting the jumble of ideas inside our heads down on paper. To me, there is something comforting and therapeutic about making journals or books. I like the feel and I enjoy seeing them on a bookshelf. They provide a safe space to explore. They encourage us to make time for the “right side” of the brain where creativity reigns supreme and problems are more easily solved. I’ve posted an article How to start a Creative Journal.

Expressive Painting (Kathy Smith pdf and video)

Warming up – here are some “how to’s” to get you started or recharge your creative energies.

Paper Collage (Kathy Smith pdf and video)

Mixed Media (Kathy Smith pdf and video)

Start a Creative Blog (Kathy Smith pdf-5)

Creative Cuisine

With a new focus on staying safe at home, creative writing is making a resurgence and many baby boomers are starting a creative or lifestyle blog. I’ve tried out two easy blogs (Blogger and WordPress) and I’ve provided some helpful comments here.