My Studio


Kathy Smith

In the past, I worked out and about in the community where I developed programs and events for municipalities, libraries, seniors centres, retirement homes, art galleries and museums. Now, like many others, I’m grounded and working from home.

New normal: track pants and plaid shirts.

Home work – COVID 19

Looking back to March 17th, 2020 we knew we could expect some significant changes when the Ontario Government declared a COVID-19 State of Emergency. In the short term, the pandemic crisis landed most non-essential workers at home.

Our recent consultations with our older adults 50+ clients and program participants indicated they are:

  • worried about finances and hoping/needing to continue some type of paid work (20%)
  • seeking creative ideas to maintain positive mental health while dealing with personal stress, feelings of loss and uncertainty (38%)
  • needing help to learn more about technology to stay connected and engaged with the community (42%)

So yes, it’s also a great opportunity to learn and adjust while we create new spaces and places at home and on the web. The art studio is getting a new look.

Going Online