My Studio

Welcome to my creative space and home office. Embed video here


In the past, I was working with older adults in the community – at libraries, seniors centres, retirement homes, art galleries and museums. Like others, I’m now in self-isolation in my home office/studio.

Looking back to March 17th, 2020 we knew we could expect some significant changes when the Ontario Government declared a COVID-19 State of Emergency. No one can accurately predict the longer-term consequences. All we can do is follow some of the clues.

To identify some of these clues and insights, businesses, organizations and groups rushed to consult with clients, customers and constituents. Our recent consultations with older adults 50+ indicated a majority are:

**worried about finances and hoping/needing to continue some type of paid work

**seeking creative mental health ideas to deal with personal stress, feelings of loss, uncertainty and confusion

**needing help to learn more about technology and stay connected and engaged with community

Personally, I have some of the same needs and interests. As a result, I’m involved in a transition myself. My craft and art space has become a creative digital studio as well.

I guess it’s pretty basic. Shared experiences and knowledge can help to connect, support or inspire. Now is a good time to embark on personal or business transformations. For support and information, think about joining an online network. Why not consider a new income-earning idea, or start a new hobby? I’m now rediscovering all the ups and downs of working from home and I’m connecting with others on ZOOM, GoToMeeting and Facebook Live. It’s comforting to know I’m not alone. Many of us are scrambling to learn and adjust.

Through transitions, it’s important to establish or maintain some routines or rituals. My own daily routine starts with a morning gratitude meditation and silent acknowledgment of those who matters most in my life – meaning, purpose and priorities.

Don’t worry if you don’t have A Room of One’s Own (Virginia Woolf) you can have a designated space. My creative corner is located in my somewhat boho apartment close to natural light sources and a sunporch. It’s a place where keyboards, computers, paints and textiles all strive to co-exist.

It’s not a huge space but it’s big enough. The porch is surrounded by large maple trees. Wild birds soaring along the nearby river corridor, provide the background music. The trees outside keep it cool. The creativity inside heats it up. The day usually starts with a journal prompt – an idea, word or image……and a morning coffee. Click here for more ideas.