Volunteer Opportunities


In addition to reducing the risk of social isolation, volunteering is good for your health. A meta-analysis from the Rotman Research Institute at Baycrest Health Sciences in Toronto says that volunteering increases both physical and mental health and those who reap the health benefits of volunteer work log at least 100 hours per year or 2-3 hours per week.

Over the spring and summer months, we’re recruiting volunteers for our London and Dorchester events. Those who are interested can contact: Kathy Smith – getkathysmith@gmail.com

Advisory Committee – 5 older adults 50+ will have the opportunity to provide guidance and feedback for a Museum London/London Public Library Seniors Outreach Project funded by New Horizons for Seniors Canada. Time commitment: 2 hours per month, April through October 2018 – total 14 hours.

Talent Search and Showcase – if you live in or around Thames Centre, we’re have new programs in the Creative Age Art Studio and a Fall Talent Showcase funded by New Horizons for Seniors Canada. Help us find talented older adults in and around Thames Centre and plan a fun and fabulous talent show and celebration. Time commitment: 1 hour per month starting April 2018 – total 7 hours.

Storytelling Project – we need 5 volunteers in Thames Centre and surrounding area to help with the “Stitching Our Community Stories” project funded b the Ontario Government.

*We strive to raise awareness about intergenerational equity – the concept or idea of fairness or justice in relationships between children, youth, adults and seniors, particularly in terms of treatment and interactions and allocation of local resources.