Older workers & encore careers

How has COVID – 19 changed your plans for work or retirement? Are you setting up a home office? Are you taking an early retirement? Are you starting a new job, career or business venture?

A few years ago, I organized focus groups with older adults (55+) to find out what they wanted or needed in terms of employment. The project was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities.

Some of the participants needed to continue working to maintain financial stability. Others felt they needed to work to maintain social and mental health. A small percentage of the participants were excited about starting a small business venture.

Below is a list of the responses to our question “What do older workers want and need?”

  • meaning, purpose and productivity
  • jobs with flexible hours
  • part time jobs
  • seasonal employment
  • contractual or project work
  • work from home
  • self employment support
  • small business or micro enterprise info and support
  • training, practice and support with technology

Our Older Worker Job Clubs continue to be a great success as we prepare to launch the online sessions and resources. Our Job Club Facilitators use the SMART goal-setting program adapted for older workers and those entering a transition to retirement. A workshop series called Planning for Your Creative Retirement explores options, opportunities and available community resources. Our new encore career programs will be part of a new organizational model call the Creative Age Community Talent Bank

New email address – creativeageswo@gmail.com