You Should be Dancin’ Yeah!


Over the years, our brain changes and these changes can affect cognitive functioning, especially learning and memory. A recent study showed dancing improved the functioning of the triangular area of white matter located between hippocampus and hypothalamus called the fornix. The degeneration of this white matter is one of the major neural mechanisms driving age-related decline in cognitive functioning.

In collaboration with Baycrest Health Sciences, leaders in healthcare for seniors, the National Ballet School developed a safe and accessible dance program for active seniors to support them in their health and wellness goals.

Ballet may not be your thing. Jazz might not be your thing. However, you can find your thing with us. With Julie from Dance in Dorchester, we are developing some funky moves and dance programs in Thames Centre for Fall 2018.

But whether it’s dance, art, theatre, photography or writing – creativity can be good for your health and your brain.

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