New Beginnings

This past holiday weekend, I was driving country roads to visit with family and friends. I just love taking day trips in the spring and summer months. The setting sun bathed everything in a brilliant, golden light making for some great photos.

Easter weekend is a great time to think about transformation, renewal and new beginnings.

Sunset – golden light on shoreline cottages

On the way back home, I stopped in a small village to buy some old toys and vintage games at a local antique market. I’ll use these and other items for a museum project I’m doing for the rural areas. I recently found out our latest grant application was approved and we’ll be able to start new activities over the coming weeks and months. I’m always so energized and enthusiastic during the start-up phase of brand new projects for our creative aging program offerings. Soon we will have Memory Boxes for retirement residences and VON programs for seniors.

Vintage toys/games 1940s

Note: since I unplugged from cable tv in February 2019, I’ve been enjoying these quiet weekends.