Memories and Reminiscence

We assist individuals, groups and organizations bring back the past with a range of reminiscence tools and techniques including the use of music, old stories and memory boxes. Programs can be developed to link generations and cultures through memory-based activities.

Accessing and talking about memories in the form of reminiscence activities and therapies is becoming increasingly popular within care home settings with older people. Sharing memories with other people can aid communication and increase self- esteem (Moos and Bjorn, 2006).

Museums and art galleries are using “Remember When” projects to help older adults and intergenerational groups bring back the past with a range of outreach programs and activities.

One such program is offered by Edinburgh Museums and Galleries to encourage the older adults, their caregivers and family members to explore the war, everyday life, work and childhood by looking at and touching objects from the past. The reminiscence boxes are available for any group of older people in the community to borrow free of charge.

Creative Age London Network members help organizations and groups offer these type of programs and build memory boxes by securing the necessary resources (grants and sponsorships) to offer storytelling workshops, creative writing workshops and arts/crafts activities.

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