Intergenerational arts

In smaller rural areas there is concern about the lack of arts education programs for children, youth and older adults. However, amazing things can happen at the local community centre.

Through a New Horizons for Seniors grant, qualified instructors and facilitators can help different age groups share studio space and programming resources.

The seniors at the Creative Age Art Studio in Dorchester Ontario have already created 2 community murals. The time seemed right to involve children and youth. Thames Centre (just outside London Ontario) is developing intergenerational arts programs for the spring 2019 and then again with a community mural unveiled in the fall of 2019. The seniors will help raise funds to support arts programs for children and youth. For more information please contact Penny Wearne in Dorchester.

The latest youth and seniors project was a hit. Graffiti and sidewalk chalk are made some colourful images.

Grafitti art
Intergen family art


What will happen when a seniors centre art studio is located next door to nursery school? The big reveal will take place in October 2019.