Instructors & Facilitators

(Shown above, Chris Baldwin our photography instructor and organizer of the London Photo Walks)

The London Creative Age Network collaborates with a talented group of professional artist educators (BEd and MEd) from artistic disciplines, including theatre, writing, music, voice, painting, the rhythmic arts and more. In addition to bringing expertise in professional artistic performance, they are experienced educators and facilitators of community-engaged arts experiences in our community.

Our workshop facilitators have a background in adult education. Three of our core volunteers have completed the National Centre for Creative Aging program Artist Training in Arts and Aging. The manual (pdf file) can be found on the internet.

Special thanks to  Sandy Ross, Pauline Duncan-Thrasher and Chris Baldwin

Our 2017-18 Creative Age Artist in Residence in Audrey Cooper at her gathering place..Panache Gallery in the Talbot Centre, 140 Fullarton Street, London Ontario.

Community-engaged art is artistic or creative self-expression activity based in a community¬†setting. Works from this genre can be of any media and are characterized by the individual’s interaction or dialogue with the community.



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