Going Digital

The London Creative Age Network has formed a collaborative partnership with Museum London and Campus Creative  to train instructors, facilitators and volunteers to digitally record events, activities and educational programs and share via social media platforms.  Museum London received funding from New Horizons for Seniors to sponsor the project.

Our instructors and volunteers are eager to learn new skills to become more effective communicators.

Lifelong Learning and Creativity

Many creative agers find their passion later in life when they are free of work and other obligations and have the time to explore their innate abilities, talent and creativity. In long term studies, creativity has been linked to improved mental and physical health. Some aging experts claim that creative self-expression is key to physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Lifelong learning is an important key to healthy aging. Learning new technical and digital skills can be both challenging and fun.

Our Creative Age Network members and volunteers can reach other seniors who may be at risk of social isolation through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the YouTube Channel and our website/blog.

Livestream events and programs will help build a digital bridge for Community Outreach.

Our volunteers are also involved in producing and guesting on a Rogers Cable TV Show to share information about community resources and issues of interest to older adults while they watch from the family home, the retirement home or seniors’ community centre.



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