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Life transitions can require lots of creative problem solving sometimes resulting in mental exhaustion. When we take up new hobbies or creative pursuits we can keep the brain sharp, improve memory and realize our full creative potential as we age. Time spent in the fresh air helps us de-stress as well. Our Creative Age Photo Walks combine outdoor activity with creative digital photography skill-building. Many members take up photo journaling using smart phones and tablets and share on Instagram.

An article published by Dr. Denise Park, lead researcher, co-director of the Center for Vital Longevity, and Distinguished University Chair at UT Dallas, describes the Synapse Project. The project tested how participation for several months in one of several learning or social environments might improve aspects of mental function.

Participants committed to do prescribed activities prescribed for 15 hours a week for three months – the activities were all fun, everyday things, but they varied in degrees of difficulty.

The researchers compared people who learned complex quilting skills and/or digital photography, to people who only participated in a social club or did passive, easy tasks, like playing cards, games of chance or listening to classical music at home.

“Only the quilting and photography groups, who were confronted with continuous and prolonged mental challenge, improved their memory abilities,” Park said.

Daily photo journaling also provides an opportunity to create a new life narrative and engage in storytelling with a supportive creative community. The “creative agers” in our local network form new communities of interest, and new opportunities for experiential learning, friendships and healthy outdoor excursions.

Photography Day at Fanshawe Pioneer Village

London Ontario

Sunday, September 29th, 2019 
10 am – 3 pm  
Stay a short while, or stay the whole day! (rain or shine)

Bring your smartphone, tablet or camera on our next Creative Age Photowalk and Kathy Smith will help you set up your Instagram account for photo journaling and sharing. Meet at Museum London September 6th 10am.

Chis Baldwin has led group Photo Walks and taught Beginner Digital Photography through our Creative Age Programs. The next Photo Walk with Chris Baldwin will take place in October 13th 2019 2pm in Springbank Park, London Ontario. Check our Eventbrite Page for Fall and Winter Programs.

Chris Baldwin Photography Instructor
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