Express Yourself

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Most expressive painting sessions are under two hours. The goal is work effortlessly without critical thinking or observational judgment. Connect with your inner body awareness. Before each session, choose the colours and supplies you’d like to explore in each session and have them handy/available before starting. 

Preparation: 20 minutes

Painting: 40 minutes

Discussion or journaling for insights: 20 minutes

Clean up: 20 minutes


Expressive painting most often reflects mood or feelings.  Music can help set the tone – quiet, meditative, energetic, bold, rhythmic, chaotic etc. My preferred music is on vinyl – with Dual turntable, Technique vintage tuner/amp and 1970 Realistic speakers.

No rules – that’s the rule!

There’s no rule to say you must use only one style or combination of colours in a painting. It’s entirely up to you. Take a few minutes to mentally prepare – this is YOUR time for exploration and expression. Styles and techniques can be mixed and matched (or mismatched) at your whim. Whether you think the results are effective or not, is your decision. You may decide to paint over your creation or you might use a part of it to build something new and different at a future date.

I try to use my imagination to paint from my shoulder, elbow or wrist. This helps me stay in my body instead of over-thinking with my inner-critic voice. Expressive painting can be a very physical experience if you choose to move around.  If you find yourself questioning or commenting on your process, gently bring your attention back to your body and your chosen canvas.

If you’re just starting – try working on a larger surface. Choose the colours that attract you for this session – you can push, pull, drag, dab, swirl, rub, drip the paint and the surface. Your tools can be brushes, sponges, fingers, palette knife, comb, or plastic bags. It’s all about using your time and materials to express mood and movement with a variety of tools for mark-making and painting.

3 photos – spring and summer colours

Smooth Jazz

Up tempo

Ambient, calm or meditative