Walk for health

Start a small walking group. Find a quiet neighbourhood or trail. Wear a mask. Social distance is 2 metres apart and no more than 5 in a local walking group. Bring and use hand sanitizers.

Over the winter, it’s not uncommon to acquire some extra weight aka “pesky poundage.” During lock-down, you can set an indoor timer for 50 minutes and get moving around the house when you hear the buzzer. Stretchy bands will help with muscle strength and flexibility.

Outdoor walking and hiking can help maintain a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle. The secret to a successful walking program involves a new mindset and thoughtful research to establish and sustain a sensible daily plan. Over the years, people have become dependent on driving and vehicles but there is a new health style and lifestyle focus on walkIng and cycling to strengthen local neighbourhoods and communities. During your own research, you will become more motivated and committed when you realize that something as simple as walking can be transformative.

My own program includes and involves family and friends. It’s important You can have fun learning about and exploring hidden walking trails and urban parks in the area. We’re going back to basics. Walking and talking is good for community bonds and results in improved interpersonal communications. We call it the “Walkie Talkie” mental health program.

When you first start out, your goal might be 3,500 steps, during the summer months. Your winter goal will change with the weather forecasts. It’s important to get outdoors everyday. Increasing your heart rate on a daily basis reduces he risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol and even coronary heart disease. There are many benefits to a tracking program such as a phone app or Fit Bit. You will gradually increase the number of daily steps and walking speed over a reasonable timeframe. Patience is required.

Don’t be overly ambitious if you’re out of shape. A 60-day start-up plan ranging from 3,000 steps working towards 10,000 steps in good weather is realistic. And don’t forget to check your walking plan with your doctor.

Outdoor parks w activity stations

Change it up!

Soulful Strut – this is a shorter and less strenuous walk but the steps still count for your program. The goal is to concentrate on the fine motor aspects of feet, leg muscles with synchronized diaphragmatic breathing for 20 to 30 minutes. Parks, trees and gardens can help. My morning sunrise strolls help me get grounded without rushing into the busyness of the day.

Power Walking is an energy booster with a 5-minute stretching warm-up, a faster-paced 30 minute walk with upper body engagement (think: marching) then ending with a 5-minute gradual wind down.

Rhythmic Roaming – bring your faourite upbeat tunes and walk at different speeds as you rotate through your list. At the end of the day, it’s good to wind down with a sunset walk and an epic soundtrack.

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