Creative Projects – Getting Started

Your creative project might be a painting, a mural, craft or sculpture.  You might be getting ready to write a book, a play or make a vision board and plan for your retirement years.  We all express our creative spirit in a variety of ways.

I had great fun organizing the “getting started” materials and tools for our current Creativity Workshops.  Participants brought journals or I provided journals to get us started.  Here are some of the other tools we identified to help:

  1. Creativity journal
  2. A project work area (website-table-desk or room)
  3. An idea board
  4. Mind maps
  5. Glue, scissors, markers, string, tape, photos, memorabilia, images, pins, favourite quotes
  6. Smartphone, tablet and/or camera
  7. Computer-printer
  8. A vision board


The Creative Process:

The steps listed below are known as the five standard or key stages of creativity. In our workshops, we realize some people want to work collaboratively and others prefer a more contemplative approach and we try to develop programs/activities for both.

  1. Preparation and research
  2. Incubation
  3. Insight
  4. Evaluation
  5. Elaboration

Our Creative Age programs tend to focus on the creative process. We realize there a many painting, crafting and skill-building programs availability in the community. We prefer to inspire and focus on the sense of joy, wonder and playfulness as we prepare for and pursue our interests and goals. Our facilitators have been trained to use memory prompts and reminiscence techniques when we take programs to older adults in the community through the library system and through the various retirement and long-term care facilities. We believe older adults and elders still enjoy the freedom, joys and benefits of discovery and creative self-expression well into their later years.




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