Creative Community

We celebrated the local art studio community on September 13th 2019. Volunteers and volunteer artists gathered to learn more about intergenerational art with guest speaker Pat Spadafora, Kaleidoscope Consulting. We acknowledged the great work of Michelle Mundy for her efforts to organize Dorchester Art in the Barn Festival attracting over 16,000 visitors over a 2 day weekend each July. Penny Wearne shared the story of the historic Agricultural Exposition and community mural. In the afternoon we experienced cross cultural activities – drumming with Sheila Horrell and call/reponse singing with Bernie Gilmore. Participants identified new ideas for programs and activities and we explored the possibility of 2020 Creative Writing Workshops with writer/journalist Shauna Rae (a local resident) who also works at the Business Development Centre. All in all a very interesting and fun day.

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