Age Creatively

What’s Next?

For the past 10 years our facilitators, volunteers and associates have been working with older adults in public libraries, seniors centres, social housing, retirement homes and care homes. After the recent public health emergencies and spread of COVID-19 to seniors communities, we have discontinued all present and future programs for the safety and health of members, volunteers and program participants. Surveys were distributed (March – April 2020) to assess the changes needed to move forward.

Some of our associates and volunteers wanted to embark on a new and defined program to integrate people, processes and technology. This program would result in real benefits to a new generation of seniors, caregivers, service providers and community partners. We’ll be promoting computer literacy and virtual activities. We can support the ability of our network members to stay connected with their communities and their families with computers smartphones and tablets. We can support small learning groups and communities of practice during the transition.

We’ll be offering more online information to community partners and seniors’ service providers. COVID-19 has successfully secured our full attention to the need to be flexible and of service however we’re needed.

Over the summer months, we’ll be involving associates, network members and volunteers to re-launch a website. Thank you to the existing advisory team for your help and advice. All of the advisory team members do not choose to participate in the transition to a digital environment, so we’ll be recruiting new network members.

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