Creative Age London HomeShare Registry

On April 11th 2019, twelve local women met to start the Creative Age London HomeShare Registry. This is a grassroots catalyst working group managed by women volunteers with no government funding. Through awareness and capacity building, our objective is to make a program sustainable over the next two years. Ultimately, an expanded homeshare project could be funded and managed through a local non profit organization.

To expand the network, we decided to start with our women’s networks first. From our research we know single older women are most vulnerable and need extra/immediate supports. We also knew there was considerable local interest.

The group members have agreed to keep in touch through a private Facebook Page. We will share resources, educate ourselves and hold monthly meetings for socializing and discussions.

The registry has started with names, profiles, interests, phone and email contact information. We agreed to share contact information within the network but members take no personal responsibility for match-making, negotiation and conflict resolution between network members.


For more information or confirm attendance contact

Next meeting – September 2019

Resources of interest: Homeshare Canada,

Burlington Age Friendly Seniors Council The Halton Homeshare Toolkit

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