June 2020 Creative Age Festival & Marketplace

This is an Invitation to Participate 2020


the creative art, craft and performances

of adults 5o+ in your community

We’ll send a free participation guide. Please indicate your interest: info@creativeage.ca

Goals and Objectives

Disrupt Aging: Promote the creativity, vibrancy and innovation of older adults in your community

Schedule a presentation, workshop or round table discussion

Participate in June 2020 – Seniors Month in Ontario

Develop a program, exhibit, performance or activity at your gallery, library, seniors centre, retirement community

Market/promote local arts and culture in a unique way

Inspire others to get involved

Develop a regional Creative Age Day Tripper Map for bus tours and day trips.

Events will start June 1st through June 30, 2020

ontario art festival
Quilting Exhibit