Community Mural Project

Creative Aging Programs encourage ongoing skills development and meaningful community engagement.

During the summer of 2018, a group of nine artists from the Creative Age Art Studio were invited to create a community mural.  Canvases and paints and brushes were provided and they went to work planning and re-planning, sketching and re-sketching, painting and re-painting for two and a half months.  Those nine artists completed the Studio’s first three-canvas mural in time for the Dorchester Bridgefest:  Joan Cooper, Cathy Lennox, Lori Wright, Judie Teskie, Susan Hewitt Graham, Penny Wearne, Betty Munday, Jo-Ann Chafee and Kathy Smith.   Photographer:  Mark Helm.   

That fall five of those original artists volunteered to create a second community mural for the Dorchester Fair.  Historical documents and photographs and plans were laid out, a design was agreed upon, sketches were made, and painting began.  Over 700 hours of labour from November 2018 to July 2019 went into the creation of the Dorchester Fair Mural:  Betty Mundy, Lori Wright, Jo-Ann Chafee, Penny Wearne, and Susan Hewitt Graham.   Photographer:  Mark Helm.  

Community Mural