Coaching Older Workers


Through a 2010-11-12 grant from the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, I had an opportunity to lead a research project with older adults in our area to find out what they needed and wanted. The information from the research was analyzed and used to launch new opportunities through the unique social enterprise Over 55, an organization in London Ontario, that helped identify income earning opportunities for local adults 55+.


Many of our participants were interested in Career Coaching services not offered through Over 55. Subsequently, a few private career counsellors saw an opportunity to target this niche. Our participants found it isn’t always easy to make a midlife career change, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing. Most of the participants subsequently found employment but it took a slightly longer length of time to reframe the existing career history to move forward and find the right fit. Based on our observations, the average length of time was 8 months. If a current career is no longer fulfilling or doesn’t allow for time with family or to pursue other interests, a career change could enable an older adult experience greater life satisfaction.


I also worked with a local career counsellor, Dianna Hardy, to set up a peer led Job Club for older workers. Over the years, we’ve interviewed hundreds of older adults. The initial Job Club Meetings were held at local library branches. The group participants then decided how often and where they’d like to continue with meetings. Dianna and I developed a Job Club Facilitator’s Guidebook to help volunteers launch a small Job Club in their neighbourhood.


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Peer led Job Club

How to Start a Job Club for Older Workers

OWL Job Club – 2013


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