Chairs for charity with soup

We’re having a fundraiser at the Creative Age Art Studio in the Municipality of Thames Centre. Our studio painters are decorating indoor and outdoor chairs and we’ll auction them off in September 2019. Proceeds will go to the art studio to launch our intergenerational art programs.

Shown below are 4 chairs (in progress) I’m currently decorating for the event with two others waiting in the wings. Many of the studio painters are grandmothers so there’ll probably be some colourful chairs for kids and teens.

On Sundays, I usually blog about cooking. Today, my Sunday food adventure was the result of my curiosity to find out if soup made with coconut milk would freeze and reheat. I blended a deeeeelish carrot and parsnip soup in the Vita Mix blender – ginger, garlic, curry powder, onions, vegetable soup stock and coconut milk and then simmered on low heat for two hours. After freezing, I reheated a serving and found the texture and flavours preserved. For lunch, I added some crisps with pepper cream cheese, jalapeño jelly and avocado slices.

Carrot/parsnip soup with ginger, curry and coconut milk

All in all, a fun and creative Sunday.

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